Our Programs

Identification and Preliminary Rehabilitation of Former Street Children

We strive to know each of the street children personally to better know how to assist them.

In collaboration with local community leaders, we conduct  identification of street children.

Twice in a week, we gather the identified children and conduct individual or group sessions as well as psycho- education sessions in order to be aware of their real life.

Reunification of Former Street Kids Into Their Families and Community

We reunite former street kids with their families or create foster families when needed.

Before reintegration we ensure that the parents and children on both sides are ready to live together.

After being reintegrated into the community, our social workers in partnership with local leaders continue following on children and visiting families on a monthly basis to ensure the children are still in the family and safe.

We provide supplemental food, clothing and hygiene materials to help the families monthly.


We prepare the children in our organization to go back to school by refreshing them with basics in their grade levels and providing life skills over the weekends and holidays.

Since all the school going aged children should be in school, all the children registered in our organization are enrolled in different schools depending on their previous level of education and age. Some of them choose to attend technical schools depending on their wish and age. 

We work to find sponsors for former street children to help them to stay in school and to help sustain our organization. 

Life Skills

We aim at empowering parents of former street children by equipping them with relevant skills to help them be self reliant. 

Our team understands that if we want to keep children away from the streets, we need to empower their parents/guardians with skills to help them be successful. 

We work towards improving the socio-economic condition of women and men through training them in relevant life skills


We strive to stop situations that will lead children to resort to living on the street. 

We  sensitize the general public about street children, inform as many people as we can about the problems faced by street children and what we can do to help street children. 

We educate the public by telling the stories of different kinds of street children.