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Volunteer with us as a professional

Make a long-lasting change by sharing your skills with some of the neediest people in the world; become an Empower the Future volunteer.

From Empower the Future, you will have a handful of opportunities to use your skills and professional experience to create lasting change.

You will use your inspiration, expertise and practical skills to empower people to access quality education and livelihoods opportunities

Volunteering will change your life

Volunteering with Empower the Future  is a unique experience.

You will benefit from many opportunities for both personal and career development. You will not only be visiting new places but also getting involved in humanitarian work at a new place and among new people with cultures different to yours.

There are several ways that individuals who are passionate about working with former street children and community economic empowerment can get involved in. The following are some of the ways people can volunteer with us.

Become a Volunteer