1. We help street children return home to their families or we create a foster family situation when needed.
  2. We help the children get back into school by providing school fees and finding them a sponsor.
  3. We teach the parents of children in our program a life skill. Currently we teach the moms sewing and the dads woodworking.
  4. We provide a Mentor-ship program for parents in our program. This is basically teaching parents how to be good parents.
  5. We provide supplemental food to each family monthly.
  6. We celebrate birthdays and Christmas for children in our programs.

Because we love these children. 

There are other NGO’s in Rwanda that help street children however, we are the only organization that helps the entire family of the street child. This makes it sustainable and last long term. 

Is to create a self-sustainable home that gives hope, love, respect, care and security to all members of the family.

We are only able to support street children, in Gasabo District, at this time.

  1. Reunite them with their families or create a foster family.
  2. Send children back to school and pay school fees. Plus, we try to find all the children in our program sponsors to make our program more sustainable.
  3. Buy the families in our program supplemental monthly groceries.

Children accepted into our program must be a street child or a sibling of a street child living in Gasabo District.

Yes, because we know family is the root source of the issue

  1. Life-Skills Program-teaching moms sewing and dads woodworking
  2. Mentor-ship Program- teaching parents to be better parents
  3. Monthly supplemental food

All sponsor related donations go to the children in our programs.

All other donations are spent on our programs and keeping our organization running. We pride ourselves on honesty and transparency.

We create monthly reports and have an auditing system quarterly to keep us on track.

We release a child from our program once they have accomplished secondary school.

We release parents and families from our programs within 1 year of starting their Life-skills training.

We are creating that right now.

Kagugu/Kinyinya/Gasabo District. Soon to extend to other districts.

  1. Via; Paypal, Visa cards, credit cards, Mastercards

We help all street children. We tend to focus more on girls because of the higher risk they have of getting HIV and unwanted pregnancies.

Integrity, Perseverance, Discipline, Prevention, Commitment, Accountability, teamwork and Transparency.

Without them… Where is our future?