Become a Sponsor or Donor

We Are Looking for sponsors to change lives of the kids

Monthly Food

We provide supplemental food to each family monthly. This helps the children stay home while their parents learn a skill that will provide for them long term. If you are interested in helping in this area here are some ideas

  • $25 per family for one month of food
  • $60 for 5 sacks of rice
  • $55 for 10 sacks of corn flour
  • $120 for 15 sacks of beans
  • $750 per month for all families in our program

Parent training

We teach a life-skill of sewing/crafting or woodworking to the parents in our program. This life-skill will eventually provide income for their family and all basics to their children. If you are interested in donating to this program here are a few ideas.

  • $25 Woodworking materials
  • $35 Sewing/Crafting materials
  • $50 Woodworking tools for graduation gift to a dad after finishing our program
  • $80 Sewing Machine to give as a graduation gift to a mom after finishing our program

Counseling and guidance

The children in our program are former street children and have many psychological battles to work through. We have a professional Child Psychologist providing counseling and guidance as we continue to help these children. We also provide the children with an HIV/Sex education course to help better prepare and protect them in the future. If you are interested in helping with this area here are some ideas.

  • $15 per session of HIV/Sex education for materials
  • $75 monthly salary for Child Psychologist

Formal Education for the children

One of the main areas of focus with helping these street children is getting them back in school. School fees include uniforms, books/pens, school bag and tuition. If you are interested in helping us get more children back in school here are some ideas.

  • $30 for one elementary aged child for a year in school
  • $35 for one high school aged child for a year in school

Sponsor a child

To help the children and families in our programs receive the help they need long term, we have created a sponsoring program. To learn more about sponsoring a child in our program