About Us


Our Organization is called Empower the Future and our goal is to help street children.

The majority of the children we are helping are girls because of the higher risk of getting HIV, unwanted pregnancies and the general lack of safety while living on the street. However, we help all street children.

We are helping street children by reuniting them with their families or creating a foster family situation.

We are sending these kids back to school by providing them with school fees, uniforms and materials.

Part of making this sustainable is that we find individual sponsors for each child that is accepted into our organization.

We also offer weekend activities so they have less opportunity to roam the streets. These activities consist of various craft skills like sewing, crocheting, painting and we provide a safe environment for them to hangout in together. Plus we are also teaching them an HIV/Sex education course to better empower them to stay safe.

Once a child is accepted into our organization we don’t just help that one child. We help their whole family.

We help their whole family by providing supplemental food to the household each month. This will last long enough for them to finish the life skills course we offer.

The life skills course is for the parents of each household. This course is teaching them sewing, basket weaving, woodworking or something along these lines.