Story of Madolene Mukabutera

Madolene Mukabutera, is a mother of two and one adopted. 

She used to wash clothes for other people to get money as it was her form of employment 

which was to sustain her family as the husband did not have any job.

With all the challenges in her family, still they decided to adopt another child as it could be at least better at home than the kid living on the streets, but as the situation at home continued not to be pleasant the adopted child escaped from home and went to the streets again.

One day she met with a young woman called Jane who was with the kid that she had adopted. They had a lengthy conversation together and she came to know that Jane was volunteering in Empower The Future Organization.

After realizing her generosity and kindness in trying to help and adopt a child as she was still trying financially, we decided to enroll her in our Organization, supporting her with monthly food, teaching her a sewing course, employ her in our regular sewing moms’ group and also include her in our parents’ literacy program. 

She is now a happy mom, able to sew different types of clothes, bags, bedcovers, aprons and many more as well as being able to speak some English words. She is also able to sustain her family because she is already an employee in the life skills department.

She is grateful to us as the Organization for positively changing her life and not only her,  this impact extends to her family by contributing to its long lasting sustainability.

She plans to renovate her house, looking forward to being more self reliant to support her family.

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