Sandrine’s story of Hope

Sandrine Ingabire is another former street child supported by our Organization, she doesn’t know her age being that her mother left her as she was still a kid but she guesses to be 20 years old. After her mother left, she was taken to her step mother who she stayed with for some time until she(step mother) also left the home that she ended up remaining with her father only. Immediately her father took her to her aunt’s home where she stayed until she was around 15 years but in the due course she faced challenges of attempted rape from her aunt’s husbands who tried to do that severally and she resisted hence resulting into her being tortured by him. Some days he even chased her to sleep outside as a form of revenge. 

Sometimes when she felt she couldn’t hold the tough anymore, she once tried to commit suicide by throwing herself in Nyabugogo river but fortunately someone saved her life. She then decided to leave that home and went to look for her father. Fortunately, she found him and they stayed together for a while. 

She loved to study but  her father couldn’t afford paying for her fees. That is when she decided to leave her father’s home too in search for some money to facilitate her fees, uniform, and other scholastic requirements needed for her to start school. She got a simple job to help her get money but still her employer also attempted to rape her where she decided to leave too and just went back home but with a dream of going back to school.

One day, she decided to just go to school without any major requirements. On reaching there, and being old to start school, some teacher was curious to know why she had started school at such an older age. She narrated her whole story that touched him.

As we, Empower The Future were taking some other former street children back to school as per our program, fortunately enough for her, she was at one of the schools where some kids we support study from. The teacher, who had already known about her story, brought her to us and narrated everything. We decided to enroll her in our program after realizing that she needed support and help her achieve her dream of studying. 

We took her back to her home, reunited her with her dad, gave her clothes, gave her family food and now catering for her school fees and other requirements.

Our main goal is to give these former street children hope that they are not different from anyone who is living a pleasant life.

Sandrine is now living a happy and changed life where she is studying well and her future dream is to become a business professional and be exemplary in her community.

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