Mwambarangwe Angelique


This is Mwambarangwe Angelique, a mother of three (3) and one adopted. The adopted child lost her father who was killed by her mother and now she is in prison.

Angelique knew the child through us when we were looking for a family to take her in as she did not have one because of the mother being imprisoned and father deceased. With her husband, they decided to accept the child in their family after the story of the kid touched them though they were financially so needy that they could only afford one meal a day. 

 After Angelique’s family accepted the kid, we decided to also enroll her in our Organization because we needed a home where we would be able to support this kid from. 

We started giving them monthly food, took the child back to school and catering for her fees and other necessary materials, enrolled Angelique in our life skills program where she has been able to learn sewing, basket weaving and other hands-on skills . She is able to produce different beautiful sewing products like dresses, skirts, shirts and also she can weave stunning baskets.

She could not imagine and believe that there could be someone to help provide  her with food to survive and also teach her skills before because life was so tough and could not get any help until she met with us and she was surprised to see that helping change people’s lives is what we love to do

As of now, her family life has changed as she is able to pay rent, and can provide the basic needs for herself.

She is also enrolled under our literacy program organized for the parents of the former street children supported by our Organization where she is now able to introduce herself, greet in English. This is a big positive step in her life which she never expected.

The adopted child is studying happily and her performance at school is promising. Empower The Future is taking care of everything that she needs to study.

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