Mujyirwanake Sorina

This is a story of one parent called Mujyirwanake Sorina. She is married  with 6 children.

Before Empower The Future found her at home, she was running a small illegal business along the road which is called Agataro locally. She was very poor and on top of that was not on peaceful terms with the husband which led to one of her kids running to the streets. 

Sometimes when the market was not good and did not have any food to eat, her neighbors provided.

After Empower The Future Organization took her in, brought her kid back home from the street, they took her back to school and catered for her fees and all scholastic requirements.

 Before she started learning a skill through the life skills program, they first counseled her in giving words of comfort which made her feel motivated and hopeful that she still has a chance to live a changed life as well as giving her food to survive. Then she had a chance to be enrolled in the life skills program to learn some life skills like weaving from this organization which was to help me be self reliant.

Now she is very happy because she uses the skills to be self reliant. 

She  knows how to make rugs through weaving and before she used to complete one in a period of two months but now she can finish it in one week and that is a big step in her experience. She hopes that one day she can open her own business in the future if she gets capital.

You can support the work of this mom by buying her product. 

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