Life is a story to tell: Niyigena’s story of courage

My name is  Niyigena Diane, a female aged 15 years old. I stay in the Batsinda center in Kigali city.

I am a born from a family of three and I grew up not knowing my dad up to now. I have no idea about him.

My mother got married to another man and my life became so miserable living with him where he always called me a bastard, not only that but also beating me and mum all the time. This led to mum leaving his house and staying on her own.

Life being so hard, mum decided to do an illegal business of smuggling drugs which led her to get arrested and sentenced to many years in prison until now. 

Our step dad used to tell us to go and ask mum for food and money for our rent from prison. 

Being that I did not know my biological father who I think could have treated me well and my mother was imprisoned, it was such an insulting and depressing situation that I couldn’t withstand. So I was forced to leave and search for a new life  and the only option was the street.

Life was so unbearable on the streets until I was picked and supported by this Organization.

They helped and got me a foster family where I am staying happily and also a chance to access education.

I am now in Grade 4b and dream of completing my education.

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