Kamugisha Janvier’s Story

This is a story of a former street youth called Kamugisha Janvier , male aged 19 yrs old.

Kamugisha is a born of 10 siblings, the third born child, has both parents and lives in Muhororo village.

His painful story started when time reached and he could not get where to sleep, not only that but also food to eat at home because of being many and yet his family were not doing well financially being that his parents did not have earning to cater for them. He then decided to leave home because the situation was too unbearable. At first, he was sleeping outside peoples’ houses until later when he met with other kids in the same situation. 

He started to live life on the street with a lot of tough experiences where he was bullied and beaten by fellow street kids as they were fighting for sleeping space on Nyabugogo bridge in Kigali city. He drank all kinds of bad drinks thinking they could help him forget the problems he passed through but all in vain.

One day, as he was walking along the road in town, he saw a man who came to him and asked about his life experiences and he explained all that was asked. The man after hearing his sad story, then immediately asked him to take him to his family and that man was from Empower The Future Organization.

After a conversation with his family, we decided to enroll him in our program and helped to reunite him with his family, started to provide food for his family every month, took him back to school and are paying for his fees.

He is now a happy youth and can not thank Empower The Future Organization enough for giving him another chance to live in hope through taking him back to school, paying for his fees and helping his whole family in giving food. He still feels concerned about his siblings who lack clothes and shoes to wear.

He is focused and committed to utilize the chance given to him and study very well as he wishes to be a driver in future.

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