kamugisha Elie’s dream to be a pilot

I am Kamugisha Elie,male, 12 years old and am in grade two.

I live with only my mum and siblings.

I hereby share my excitement for the visitors from We were Once Them Organization from the USA. As a former street child supported by Empower The Future Organization, I can confess that this visit has caused a great boost in my life, emotionally and psychologically. 

They told us they are workers of Airplane companies and they were also once living in the same situation like us but now they are great pilots, Airline attendants, customer service attendants which dreams they didn’t have when they were still a hard life but they shared to us that through perseverance, belief and staying hopeful, they have managed to the people they are today.

Since my childhood, I have always dreamt of being a pilot. It was like a dream come true to meet with the people I dream to be. It was so emotional to hear their testimonies as they were also not in a better life from the start but they believed and kept going for it, which has also inspired me to chase my dream because they absolutely proved to me that everything is possible in life.

I thank God for the opportunity to have met with these amazing people in my life and the emotional experiences with them never allowed me to hold tears of joy.

Am so encouraged and excited to work hard and achieve my dream.

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