Kamikaze Melissa

My name is Kamikaze Melissa, a female aged 17 years. 

I currently live in Kamonyi district but previously lived in Kigali and I only stay with my mother. I don’t know my dad as my mum tells me he left her when I was just 1 ½ years old.

I left home for the streets due to lack of food and other basic needs, and also trying to look for my father who I thought could help. Unfortunately I didn’t see him even up to date but am told he is still alive.

Empower The Future picked me from the streets, took me back home, provided for us food, taught my mum a sewing skill and gave her a machine, and sent me back to school, paying for my education up to date. 

I would love to share my excitement that I was able to excel in last year’s national Examinations where I got the best grades which enabled me to get admitted to a boarding school for the rest of my advanced level.

I could not realize how better I can do in school and how far I can move if Empower The Future had not picked me and helped me realize this dream.

Am now a thriving young lady, pursuing my Education with no difficulties now and so excited about my future.

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