• We are Empower the Future Organization

  • From street to Homes

    We take kids from streets and bring back in their homes!

  • Empowering their parents

    We empower parents of the kids so that they can take care of their kids.

  • Monthly Food

    We assist their families to get basics before they are able to take charge of their families themselves.

Saving their dreams !

Who We Are

We are big-hearted collaborators striving to make a long-lasting difference.

What We Do

We help street children, provide education and assist entire families.

Why We Do It

To give hope back to children that have lost everything.

Our Organization is called Empower the Future and our goal is to help street children.

The majority of the children who we help are girls because of the higher risk of getting HIV,
unwanted pregnancies and the general lack of safety while living on the street. However, we
help all street children.
We help street children by reuniting them with their families or creating a foster family situation.
We prepare and send these children back to school by providing them with school fees,
uniforms and other important materials.








Paid Workers

Some features

Some Good Causes

Our organization has been blessed with new electric sewing machines that will enable the moms
to design different dress styles and also increase the production capacity.

We have started a life skills program for the dads in our program. We believe that empowering both moms and dads will help the entire family to progress in terms of income generation, thus being able to provide the basic family needs.

Every year we pay health insurance for 51 families of over 402 needy people.

Our Donors