Who We Are

We are big-hearted collaborators striving to make a long-lasting difference.

Why We Do It

To give hope back to children that have lost everything.

What We Do

We help street children, provide education and assist entire families.

empower the future

Our Organization is called Empower the Future and our goal is to help street children.

The majority of the children we are helping are girls because of the higher risk of getting HIV, unwanted pregnancies and the general lack of safety while living on the street. However, we help all street children

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what they say about us

"My daughter used to live on the streets. This organization of love and kindness brought her back home! They have counseled her and returned her to school. Before Joining this organization, life was so hard.. Today life has changed! I thank this organization who have hearts of love to help the needy! "
Annie Marie
Beneficiary of the programs
“I came to know this organization when they brought my daughter, who had been living on the streets.Before joining empower the future life was difficult. After joining the organization, they have given food and sewing training.I thank this origination who has been there for me” May them keep prospering!
NIRERE Clementine
Beneficiary of the programs
"We have loved this opportunity to be able to virtually reach out our arms and grow our family through sponsorship in this organization. We have full confidence that those who need are receiving and we have felt so much love in return. This is a remarkable opportunity to reach out to the “one” and make it matter."
Mrs.Traci Staheli
Children Sponsor